Fukushima anniversary: Japan remembers
Much remains unsettled three years later: emotions, the death count, and the future of nuclear energy in Japan.
Can Japan revive its nuclear ghost towns?
The instability of the Fukushima Daiichi plant continues to keep evacuees away from the disaster zone.
Life in Fukushima radioactive exclusion zones
Communities in Japan's nuclear exclusion zone are struggling to cope with the slow pace of decontamination.
Fukushima: Uncertainty is the new norm
Living with the 'known unknowns' for three years is taking its toll on residents near the damaged Daiichi plant.
Has Tokyo lost its fear of nuclear energy?
Three years after the Fukushima diaster, has the political will to rid Japan of nuclear energy died out in the capital?
Debunking Fukushima's radiation myths
Japan's ongoing nuclear disaster is scary enough, but some rumours and hoaxes linked to it are alarming and persistent.
US residents monitor Fukushima radiation
Activists who distrust the US government taking the responsibility of radiation monitoring into their own hands.
US sailors sue Japan's TEPCO on cancer report
Over fifty crew members of USS Ronald Reagan, who partook in mission after Japan's 2010 tsunami, diagnosed with cancer.
Fukushima's financial fallout
As reports surrounding Japan's nuclear disaster get steadily worse, the country is on the verge of a financial meltdown.
Japan's radiation: Ignorance isn't bliss
Feeling that officials aren't doing enough, everyone, farmer to housewife, is learning about radiation contamination.
More News
Potentially disastruous procedure to remove fuel rods from damaged Japanese power plant due to begin in coming days.
Japanese engineers move uranium and plutonium from stricken power station as part of decades-long decommissioning plan.
Central bank announces new round of asset-buying measures in bid to tackle deflation and boost struggling economy.
The UN watchdog says it is satisfied with series of safety tests carried out by Japan in wake of Fukushima meltdown.
Report says workers were untrained to handle emergencies which comes nine months after tsunami-triggered nuclear crisis.
Key milestone reached in efforts to bring under control reactors at tsunami-stricken nuclear plant.
Japan: The next wave
We investigate the long-term effects of the 2011 tsunami, including a potential cancer threat for Fukushima's children.
Looking back
Al Jazeera's coverage of the nuclear accident
Fukushima Disaster

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