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D. Parvaz 13 Sep 2011 04:58 GMT
Not keen on waiting for what they see as the national government's slow response, Japanese engineers come up with innovative ways of decontaminating Fukushima.
16 Sep 2011 14:03 GMT
Communities in the Tohoku region are struggling for information, decontamination and a say in future policies.
11 Sep 2011 12:21 GMT
Six months after a massive earthquake and tsunami, the country works to catch its breath, recover and rebuild.
10 Sep 2011 13:13 GMT
Tokyo is fighting for a comeback despite fears of radiation exposure, another earthquake, and a looming energy crisis.
D. Parvaz 12 Sep 2011 01:03 GMT
How does a country recover six months after an earthquake and tsunami? This slideshow might give you an idea.
11 Aug 2011 13:09 GMT
Who can the public trust on nuclear safety - the anti-nuclear camp, the nuclear lobby or academics funded by the latter?
10 Aug 2011 17:37 GMT
Amid contradictory government statistics, a volunteer group has recorded 500,000 radiation points across the country.
18 Aug 2011 14:09 GMT
Japanese doctors warn of public health problems caused by Fukushima radiation.
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A group of motivated individuals have come together to create a community approach to gathering radiation data in Japan.
With its nuclear crisis deemed on par with Chernobyl, Japan is dealing with multiple emergencies.
This map shows the latest measured radiation readings across cities in Japan
Japanese and US troops launch massive hunt for bodies as thousands remain missing a month after quake-triggered tsunami.
Naoto Kan's visit criticised for coming late as his government faces increasing pressure to prevent a nuclear meltdown.
Authorities to restrict access to 20km zone around stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant.
Video shows workers inside Fukushima plant, as well as interiors and exteriors of the building.
A top nuclear adviser says government's radiation limit is too high, and it takes ad-hoc measures to control crisis.
Nearly 25,000 soldiers deployed to earthquake disaster zone to search for the bodies of the thousands still missing.
TEPCO, operator of radiation-leaking Fukushima facility, says it will control the situation within six to nine months.
Al Jazeera outlines the health risks that radiation leaks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex pose.
Government says cooling efforts at quake-hit Fukushima complex showing improvement, but situation remains uncertain.
Nuclear safety agency raises severity rating of accident at Fukushima plant, signifying higher risk of radiation.
The weather in Japan could dictate which areas are likely to suffer most as the nuclear situation worsens.
The top US nuclear regulator says Japan's quake-sparked nuclear crisis appears to be on the verge of stabilising.
Huge surge in radiation level makes it too dangerous for workers to remain at quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant.
Stocks follow Japan downwards after Nikkei's biggest drop since 1987 crash as tsunami and nuclear crisis hammer markets.
Japan is facing its worst crisis since World War II with thousands missing, towns destroyed and many areas unreachable.
UN's atomic agency says quake-damaged reactors have not deteriorated further, amid desperate moves to avert meltdown.
Natural disaster prompts offers of search and rescue help from 50 nations, with UN helping to co-ordinate response.
Military helicopters and vehicles pour water on Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in a desperate bid to avert meltdown.
Asian Champions League fixtures in Japan postponed in the wake of devastating earthquake and tsunami.
Prime minister Naoto Kan calls for extra budget to help "save the country" after devastating earthquake and tsunami.
Government injects billions into shaken markets in a bid to allay investor concerns amid worsening nuclear crisis.
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