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Iraq and the 'Saudi question'
How much influence does the House of Saud hold over its neighbour? And how can it be influenced?
Kerry disappoints in Iraq
Many in Baghdad feel opinion from across the political and sectarian spectrum is being ignored by the US, once again.
Why is Iraq so important to Iran?
Iraq's future is crucial to Iran: it is a natural Shia ally, a neighbour, and the site of many Shia landmarks.
Iraq: whose oil is it anyway?
For Iraq's Kurds, selling oil on their terms is the key to independence. For Baghdad, losing control spells disaster.
Interactives and infographics
Mapping Iraq's fighting groups
A synopsis of the various fighters in Iraq grouped by religion, culture, region, and political agendas.
Map: Rebels' path through Iraq
Looking at the Islamic State's offensive as the group, formerly known as ISIL, claims cities across the country.
Features and Analysis
Analysis: Iran's double game in Iraq
Borders between Syria and Iraq are already falling and ISIL is establishing its new 'state' on Iran's doorstep.
Iraq's Christians seek refuge with Kurds
Armed Kurds are winning favour by protecting religious minorities.
Q&A: 'We're on the defensive not offensive'
Falah Mustafa, head of the Kurdistan Region's foreign relations, talks about Iraq, ISIL and Kurdish ambitions.
'We did not expect Mosul to fall in two days'
Those without relatives in Kurdistan are forced to stay in camps set up by Kurdish government and UNHCR.
Analysis: The Kurds take Kirkuk, now what?
Debate rages on whether the Kurds are fighting for Iraq or fighting for a piece of it.
Iraq, Syria and the 'multilateral moment'
If there were ever a moment for the UN to step up to the plate in the Middle East, this is it.
Iraq policies mired in contradictions
US, Iranian, and Iraqi officials have been woefully unclear and inconsistent regarding the crisis in Iraq.
The US and Iraqi Kurds: Good will hunting?
Iraqi Kurds seethe as US tells them to put aside independence dreams - for now.

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Profile: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
 The fierce ambition of ISIL's Baghdadi
ISIL: Rising power in Iraq & Syria
The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant has outgrown even al-Qaeda as it seeks to establish a new caliphate
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