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Iraq: A country in shambles
Despite promises made for improvements, Iraq's economy and infrastructure are still a disaster.
Seven years after sieges, Fallujah struggles
With their city largely destroyed by two US military assaults, residents of Fallujah continue to suffer.
Timeline 2002-2011: Notable events in Iraq
Al Jazeera takes a look at nine years of US military presence in Iraq, with links to news stories from the outset.
Death toll: Occupation in Iraq
It has been nearly impossible to determine exact civilian casualty figures during and after the US invasion.
Financial Cost: Eight years in Iraq
The war in Iraq has cost US taxpayers more than $800bn since the start of the 2003 invasion.
Troop numbers: Foreign soldiers in Iraq
There were still about 13,000 American troops in Iraq, as foreign forces readied for complete withdrawal by year's end.
Tareq Ayoub: a 'martyr to the truth'
As American troops pull out of Iraq, Dima Tahboub, widow of Al Jazeera reporter killed in Baghdad, talks about her loss.
Colin Powell regrets Iraq war intelligence
Former US secretary of state says information he provided leading to the invasion of Iraq is a "blot" on his record.
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Despite relative safety and prosperity of semi-autonomous northern region, some ethnic minorities want the US to remain.
By Ben Piven
Iraqis from across the country express their opinions about the US military withdrawal.
By Abdul-Ilah As-Saadi
Tens of thousands of protesters gather in Anbar province to denounce allegedly sectarian policies of PM Nouri al-Maliki.
Unsparing analysis of $60bn spent 'rebuilding' Iraq lays bare the waste trail that may lead all the way to Afghanistan.
By Charles McDermid
Demonstrations triggered by arrest of bodyguards for finance minister intensify amid calls for release of prisoners.
'Article 4' law under the spotlight amid allegations of torture to acquire confessions that result in execution.
By Jane Arraf
Police use batons and water hoses as demonstrations against "sectarian policies" erupt in Ramadi, Samara and Baghdad.
September was the deadliest month in more than two years as 365 people died in nationwide attacks, officials say.
Thousands demonstrate in cities of Ramadi and Falluja against what they call sectarian policies of PM Nouri al-Maliki.
Deputy prime minister's security personnel wound two people after Sunni demonstrators throw objects at them.
Al Jazeera looks back at the promises and predictions that were made by Washington nine years ago.
Soldiers cross border into Kuwait after nearly nine years of war and ahead of a December 31st deadline to withdraw.
Security fears, shaky politics and stagnant economy have Iraqis concerned about the future of their country.
By Gregg Carlstrom
As US operations in Iraq draw to a close, military families are being reunited as troops return home.
Senior official suggests troops will leave Iraq by end of year deadline, but White House and Pentagon play down remarks.
Baghdad says US military trainers are needed past December 31, but will not allow them to be above the law.
Pullout of troops from Victory Base Complex marks a milestone in full withdrawal from Iraq.
Countries' officials differ about protections for US troops following the US pull-out by December.
At least eight people killed and dozens wounded in southern city of Basra as violence continues ahead of US withdrawal.
Country to buy 18 fighter jets worth about $3 billion from US in deal which involves training of Iraqi pilots.
Mullen says his forces must be given immunity from prosecution as Baghdad politicians hold talks on US withdrawal.
Shia leader says military operations will only resume if US troops in Iraq fail to pull out in time.
Residents resort to many different measures to keep cool with access to few hours of electricity a day.
Charles Graner Jr set free after serving six and a half years of a 10-year sentence.
Ending the Occupation

Since 2003, American troops have had a constant presence in Iraq. Some 45,000 were still on the ground earlier this year, but in compliance with a security pact, they had to withdraw by December 31, 2011.

Al Jazeera takes a look at the state of affairs in Iraq and how the lives of ordinary Iraqis have been affected during the last eight years.

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