20 Mar 2013 10:08 GMT
Are Iraq and the countries involved in the conflict still suffering the consequences of the US-led invasion?
31 Jul 2012 15:02 GMT
Fault Lines travels across Iraq to take the pulse of a country and its people after nine years of occupation.
27 Jul 2012 18:00 GMT
In one of Baghdad's most dangerous districts, a man struggles to rebuild the lives of 32 Iraqi orphans.
19 Jun 2012 14:47 GMT
As Iraq's national power grid struggles to provide electricity, a new form of entrepreneur has started to fill the gap.
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More than one million displaced Iraqis continue to languish without government aid.
At least 68 people killed as series of explosions strike in predominantly Shia areas of the Iraqi capital.
Eleven people were killed and at least 20 left wounded in attacks that struck Baghdad and Mosul.
During months of protest, Iraqi Sunnis say they want peace, as well as their own piece of Iraq.
At least 40 dead and many wounded in Baquba twin blasts, the latest in string of attacks targeting places of worship.
At least three people killed and two abducted at the Korean-operated Akkas field near border with Syria.
At least 56 people dead and hundreds wounded around Baghdad as cabinet postpones local elections in two provinces.
At least nine killed in explosion at bus terminal in Basra province, as another bomb at parking area wounds two others.
Police use batons and water hoses as demonstrations against "sectarian policies" erupt in Ramadi, Samara and Baghdad.
Billions of dollars meant for the country's reconstruction after 2003 US-led invasion remain missing.
'Article 4' law under the spotlight amid allegations of torture to acquire confessions that result in execution.
A public inquiry into whether British soldiers committed crimes in Iraq nine years ago is due to start shortly.
Iraqi troops fire warning shots after Syria rebels seize control of most of Yaarabiya town, including Iraqi border post.
At least eight people killed and dozens wounded after series of bombs explode near Baghdad, police and doctors say.
Several attacks have killed dozens of people in the past six months in the city of Tuz Kharmato.
Attack in northern town of Tal Afar kills intelligence official and three of his bodyguards, police say.
Protests continue against Shia-led government, raising concerns for sectarian conflict in the country.
Five deaths reported after rockets hit camp outside Baghdad housing members of opposition MEK group.
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