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Who is behind the millions funneled to the various military forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant?
Armed groups are using high-quality cameras and videos to recruit members and build support in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
The Syrian Coalition accuses the international community of 'double standards' as the US intervenes in Iraq.
Iraq's Sunni bloc has demanded greater concessions from its political rivals following PM Nouri al-Maliki's resignation.
Thousands of displaced Iraqis have taken refuge in Turkey, but many fear Ankara will force them back across the border.
Surrounded by Islamic State fighters, members of the Yazidi religious minority fear an onslaught of violence.
Wounded Iraqi civilians have flocked to hospitals under fire from Islamic State fighters and government forces.
Kurdish fighters have regained control of Makhmour in northern Iraq from the Islamic State group.
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Iraqi families have sought shelter at a refugee camp near the country's Kurdish region, after fleeing major violence.
Members of Iraq's religious minorities have joined together in their opposition to the Islamic State group.
Tens of thousands of families are stuck at checkpoints and refugee camps outside Iraq's Kurdish region.
An overview of the religious and ethnic groups forced to flee from the Islamic State group's advance.
Interactives and infographics
A synopsis of the various fighters in Iraq grouped by religion, culture, region, and political agendas.
Looking at the Islamic State's offensive as the group, formerly known as ISIL, claims cities across the country.
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