Iran reports high turnout in parliament vote
Early results show victory for supporters of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with officials claiming 64 per cent voter turnout.
04 Mar 2012 08:04 GMT
Iran election's initial results trickle in
Iran's complex political system
Iran elections: Quotable quotes
Vote tests conservative unity
In pictures: Iran elections
28 Feb 2012 10:56 GMT
As two experts explain, winning a seat in Iran's parliament is no simple undertaking.
29 Feb 2012 07:24 GMT
Intertwined councils and laws ensure the authority of the Supreme Leader over the president and the parliament.
24 Feb 2012 19:40 GMT
Virtual absence of the reformists pits increasingly divided conservatives against each other in assembly elections.
01 Mar 2012 06:36 GMT
Iranian expatriates can't vote in parliamentary elections, but they still pay close attention to internal politics.
A look at opposition groups in Iran since the 1979 revolution that toppled the Shah.
Parliamentary candidates conclude campaigns ahead of Friday vote expected to offer clues to country's political future.
Amnesty says government has increased "wave of arrests" in attempt to curb free speech before assembly elections.
Week-long campaign commences for parliamentary elections that will likely highlight rivalry within conservative camp.
Facts and Figures
Population: 75 million
Eligible voters: 48 million
Minimum voting age: 18 years
Number of seats: 290 seats
Number of candidates: 3,444, after 36% were disqualified
Number of voting stations: 47,000
Election day: March 2
Official turnout in 2008: 61%
Election quotables
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