Exclusive look at one research reactor not listed on the sites of concern by the UN atomic agency.
Traders say more than 25,000 rials needed to buy one US dollar, as IAEA chief "frustrated" by lack of progress in talks.
Dozens of US and allied forces' military installations dot the region, from Oman, UAE and Kuwait to Turkey and Israel.
By Ben Piven
We ask if calls for a closer union between Gulf states are part of a broader strategy to counter Iran's influence.
By Inside Story
Despite hyperbolic talk over Iran's nuclear programme, it's unlikely the country would deploy potential nuclear weapons.
By D. Parvaz
As members of Israel's security establishment criticise the prime minister, we ask if a growing rift is emerging.
By Inside Story
We analyse the words and issues central to the dispute between Iran and Israel with Israel's deputy prime minister.
By Talk to Al Jazeera
As Gulf states unite to take on Iran over disputed Gulf islands, we ask what this means for an already volatile region.
By Inside Story
As Iran and the world's major powers engage in a new round of nuclear talks, we ask if a compromise will be reached.
By Inside Story
Online campaign challenges growing tensions between the two countries.
The former UN weapons inspector discusses Iran's nuclear programme and how to prevent another war in the region.
By Talk to Al Jazeera
We examine US coverage of Iran and ask if a culture of journalism has emerged that ignores the dangers of conjecture.
By Listening Post
We ask if the US will be able to convince China to toughen its stance towards its main oil supplier.
By Inside Story
People & Power examines a dispute taking place against much sabre-rattling but in which the truth is hard to pin down.
By People and Power
We ask if the US message to Israel is 'Do not attack Iran' or 'Do not attack Iran now'.
By Inside Story Americas
As pressure mounts on China to reduce its reliance on Iranian oil, will Arab countries be able to pick up the slack?
By Inside Story
Sanctions and spy operation memos increase friction.
Envoys from Tehran and Tel Aviv clash at UN atomic agency annual gathering in Geneva to promote nuclear-free region.
More News
Binyamin Netanyahu insists in TV interviews that Tehran is nearly "90 per cent" finished developing an atomic weapon.
Damaged by crackdowns and compromise since 2009, will the next round of presidential elections make or break reformists?
How the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist has exposed the double standards of the international news media.
As Western fears grow over Iran's continuing nuclear programme, we ask how a military strike could impact the region.
We ask if Tehran's missile tests and threats to close a vital oil route mark a new chapter in the Iran-US standoff.
Oil minister says latest embargo, imposed over nuclear row, will have no effect but observers say exports are plunging.
Ahmadinejad's five-day tour of the region comes as Europe and the US consider tougher sanctions.
As the latest IAEA report claims that Iran could be on the path to developing nuclear weapons, what will Israel do?
What can be gleaned from the IAEA chief's visit to Iran is that there is a willingness to make progress on the thorny nuclear issue.
Military chief calls Tehran's leaders "very rational", and experts say Iran may drop nuclear programme to ease sanctions.
Tehran says experts have learned how to rebuild and extract data from the unmanned spy plane it captured in December.
UAE summons Iranian ambassador over Ahmadinejad's visit to Abu Musa, with Gulf states set to discuss sovereignty row.
EU foreign policy chief says sustained dialogue to follow after resumption of talks over nuclear programme in Turkey.
Defiant president says country has enough oil saved up to manage "easily" for two to three years without any oil sales.
Pressure to be stepped up for closing and dismantling new facility as part of upcoming talks, according to US daily.
Company's decision, coupled with US and EU sanctions, will make it more difficult for refiners to import oil from Iran.
US president outlines measures to further isolate Iran, judging move will not hit US consumers or allies.
Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Iran will "attack to defend itself" if targeted by US or Israeli aggression.
Financial group vital for oil exports cuts business with banks blacklisted by EU to enforce sanctions.
Statement from permanent Security Council members insists that talks with Tehran should produce "concrete results".
Israeli prime minister concludes "very good visit" to Washington where he discussed Iran's nuclear programme.
IAEA head says there are indications of unspecified "activities" at military site which inspectors want to visit.

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