India's ruling Congress loses in state polls
Political heir to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty suffers a blow with party's defeat in Uttar Pradesh and three other states.
06 Mar 2012 20:12 GMT
India elections: Key players
India polls: Quotable quotes
India state elections
India sees slowdown in economic growth
06 Feb 2012 13:44 GMT
The key to India's political future lies in its most populous state, Uttar Pradesh.
13 Feb 2012 09:33 GMT
Sampling of fiery speeches and tall promises that politicians are making to woo voters in state elections.
16 Feb 2012 12:08 GMT
Though world's largest democracy, real power rests with certain political families who dominate the electoral scene.
06 Feb 2012 14:22 GMT
Elections in five states seen as referendum on Congress-led federal government nearly half way into its term.
09 Feb 2012 13:46 GMT
From banal to the bizarre, electioneering has turned legislative polls in five states into a spectacle.
20 Feb 2012 06:47 GMT
Here is a list of key players for the elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
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Incumbent chief minister of Uttar Pradesh speaks exclusively to Al Jazeera on state elections.
Political parties wooing Muslims since they are likely to influence outcome of legislative polls in Uttar Pradesh.
Online restrictions in India continue to tighten, with even Facebook and Google facing the prospect of being blocked.
Dalits, or untouchables, in country's most populous state place little faith in government to improve their lot.
Legislative elections in Uttar Pradesh and four other states seen as barometer of support for federal government.
Three Karnataka officials deny charges but agree to step down after being accused of watching porn on a mobile phone.
Palaniappan Chidambaram, finance minister at time of $36bn telecom scandal, will not face corruption charges.
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