India ruling party makes gains in state polls
PM Modi gets first big electoral boost after coming to power in May with major wins in Maharashtra and Haryana state.
Narendra Modi visits cyclone-hit east coast and announces $163m rescue package after 22 people were killed.
14 Oct 2014 13:02 GMT
Disaster response teams try to restore power to affected areas along India's eastern coast after cyclone kills six.
13 Oct 2014 12:50 GMT
At least five killed as "very severe" storm batters state of Andhra Pradesh and moves inland.
13 Oct 2014 07:20 GMT
Pakistani 17-year-old and Indian activist share peace award for "their struggle against the suppression of children".
10 Oct 2014 23:07 GMT
14 Oct 2014 16:08 GMTFeatures
Hindu right-wing groups run campaign against what they say is Muslim conspiracy to convert Hindu girls into Islam.
13 Oct 2014 13:34 GMTFeatures
Muslim caretakers maintain three synagogues in eastern Indian city, which was once home to a thriving Jewish community.
Peace Prize winner and child rights activist Satyarthi talks about his life, his struggles and his co-winner Malala.
Cross-border clashes between India and Pakistan in the disputed region disrupts lives and forces thousands to flee.
Boat trips showcase Assam's rich aquatic life and communities living on banks of river in big boost to tourism.
For ten years this tribal region has been marred by violence after left-wing groups joined to fight government forces.
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