India's Badaun village gets toilets for women
Over 100 toilets are built months after alleged rape and death of two girls as they walked out to answer nature's call.
Reactions to ALS donation campaign range from positive to critical, to some morphing it into their own cause.
01 Sep 2014 10:12 GMT
Defence, nuclear and infrastructure cooperation high on agenda of Narendra Modi's five-day visit to Japan.
30 Aug 2014 14:23 GMT
Supreme court says PM can include politicians charged with crimes in cabinet but should take into account Indian values.
27 Aug 2014 13:26 GMT
Chabad centre was targeted by rampaging Pakistani gunmen who stormed through Indian financial hub killing 166 people.
26 Aug 2014 11:21 GMT
01 Sep 2014 08:38 GMTFeatures
Assam officials upset that WWII-era Stillwell Road won't be used in transnational highway linking four Asian nations.
31 Aug 2014 11:24 GMTIn Pictures
As Global Water Week kicks off in Stockholm, world's second most populous city, New Delhi fights for water every day.
India's lower castes suffer as tradition of clearing human waste continues despite parliament passing a law against it.
The famed yoga teacher who revitalised the ancient Indian discipline has inspired tens of millions around the world.
Ayesha Venkatraman
Many stay married to gay men out of family pressure in a country where homosexuality is stigmatised and criminalised.
Irom Sharmila's release has once again put focus on extra-judicial deaths at hands of army in northeastern Indian state.
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