In Pictures: Kashmir copes with floods
Volunteers spring up across Srinagar city to help overcome worst flooding in century amid fear of disease outbreak.
Extent of devastation of main city in Indian side revealed while in Pakistan inundation now affects two million people.
12 Sep 2014 13:06 GMT
India is the first customer to buy Australian uranium without being a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
06 Sep 2014 05:48 GMT
At least 450 dead in divided Himalayan region and in parts of Pakistan as floodwaters start to recede in some areas.
12 Sep 2014 05:44 GMT
Court orders release of thousands of inmates who have served half maximum possible term without trial amid overcrowding.
05 Sep 2014 11:28 GMT
and 16 Sep 2014 16:07 GMTInteractive
The worst floods in more than 100 years have killed at least 550 people and affected millions of others.
15 Sep 2014 13:15 GMTFeatures
Unique mobile messaging service, mMitra, helps poor pregnant women in Mumbai fight against maternal mortality.
Thousands still stranded in India-administered Kashmir as government's rescue and relief efforts come under criticism.
Many Muslim women have waited a year for attackers to be investigated after deadly religious riots in northern India.
Hundred shelter in relief centres set up by government after floods washed away homes, possessions, and livelihoods.
Faiz Jamil
More than 100 workers have died of starvation since West Bengal's tea estates have begun shutting down.
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