India landslide death toll rises
At least 30 people killed and more than 150 feared trapped after landslide buried houses in Maharashtra state.
Fire tore through Tamil Nadu school, killing 94 children, while teachers and other adult school staff survived.
30 Jul 2014 13:35 GMT
Villagers in West Bengal suspect rape and vow revenge after body of seven-year-old Indian girl is found.
24 Jul 2014 17:13 GMT
Uproar as BJP leader calls Sania Mirza 'daughter of Pakistan' after she was named brand ambassador of Telangana state.
24 Jul 2014 13:29 GMT
Outbreak of encephalitis kills 60 people in two weeks in West Bengal state, top health official says.
22 Jul 2014 10:29 GMT
27 Jul 2014 14:03 GMTFeatures
India's policy of equidistance between Israel and Palestine faces criticism amid mounting death toll in Gaza.
10 Jul 2014 12:05 GMTFeatures
Long derided for trivialising women, Bollywood is shrugging off its trademark social apathy to join anti-rape crusade.
As Ramadan is observed with religious fervor, preparations to mark last phase have begun in India-administered Kashmir.
Brogpas living in remote Himalayas claim to be last of the Aryans, luring tourists and researchers.
Former Kashmiri fighters say they were deceived about amnesty's promise of a new life.
Untreated sewage and industrial waste going into Yamuna, which flows through Delhi, has turned it into glorified drain.
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