Kashmir gun makers struggle for survival
Government regulations and security fears are choking the once thriving industry in India-administered Kashmir.
New Delhi cancels meeting of foreign secretaries after Pakistan envoy meets Kashmiri pro-independence leaders.
18 Aug 2014 16:09 GMT
Prime minister also addresses violence against women and unveils financial initiative in first Independence Day speech.
15 Aug 2014 10:01 GMT
The 900-year-old sport from India vies for global reach as the World Kabaddi League takes off in London.
16 Aug 2014 12:24 GMT
Civil aviation suspends two pilots after mid-air dive over Turkey as pilot "slept" and co-pilot used computer tablet.
14 Aug 2014 09:56 GMT
15 Aug 2014 09:10 GMTFeatures
With India in loop, critics question whether New Delhi is handing the reins of global finance to neighbouring China.
12 Aug 2014 10:59 GMTFeatures
Radioactive waste generated in three government owned mines spurs health fears in eastern Jharkhand state.
Hindu pilgrimage to glacial lake in Muslim-majority India-administered Kashmir triggers concerns, fresh protests.
Ladakh looks back at the devastating 2010 flash floods that uprooted scores of villages and claimed over 250 lives.
Sikhs have begun a national dialogue about identity on second anniversary of the shooting at a Sikh temple.
India's policy of equidistance between Israel and Palestine faces criticism amid mounting death toll in Gaza.
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