Last act for Delhi's street performers
Artists say plans to bulldoze celebrated colony where they live could leave them homeless and damage Indian culture.
White House says US president will visit India to attend its Republic Day celebrations and talks with PM Narendra Modi.
21 Nov 2014 22:41 GMT
Indian PM speaks to cheering crowd of about 20,000 people, ahead of meeting with Australian counterpart in Canberra.
17 Nov 2014 15:09 GMT
About 300,000 Indian children die every year from the disease as only a fraction of them receive specialised treatment.
16 Nov 2014 11:20 GMT
With more than 65 million cases, diabetes costs the government billions of dollars in medical expenses and lost income.
16 Nov 2014 03:41 GMT
24 Nov 2014 11:42 GMTFeatures
Hina Bhat is running for elections in Indian-administered region with party linked to Hindu nationalist ideology.
19 Nov 2014 11:54 GMTFeatures
Sarjan Bank, run by local children under 13, teaches other poor children in Ahmedabad how to save for crises.
Tosa Maidan in India-administered Kashmir cleared of shells used by army in drills, but victims await compensation.
Dalit woman, who escaped life of poverty with full scholarship to Bard College last year, wins Youth Courage award.
Livestock are major source of income in India-administered region, where people are waiting for compensation.
Books by Hindu nationalists merging myth with reality proliferate in PM Modi's home state of Gujarat.
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