Cajsa Wikstrom 07 May 2012 10:28 GMT
Tens of thousands of people gather in Bastille Square to celebrate the defeat of the incumbent French president.
Andrew Simmons 08 May 2012 15:18 GMT
Watching Francois Hollande moving around the rural market of Tulle in central France, one can see how the president-elect has won over Middle France.
06 May 2012 05:53 GMT
Voters vow to use social media to circumvent decades-old law that prohibits declaration of results or estimates.
05 May 2012 19:02 GMT
Socialist Hollande and conservative Sarkozy appear to disagree on style, but not substance, of international relations.
30 Apr 2012 12:07 GMT
The far-left alliance has never before competed in a presidential race, but is helping forge a new European alternative.
04 May 2012 13:42 GMT
Commentators say that cascade of allegations has engendered a 'crisis of confidence' in French democracy.
Voices from the French streets
Al Jazeera speaks with the inhabitants of Seine-Saint-Denis about how they view the presidential election.
France: A new political era
Is Francois Hollande, the French president-elect, up to the challenges facing his country and Europe?
Shout from the Suburbs
As France prepares for a presidential election, racism remains a topic of heated debate.
Is harmful rhetoric on the rise in Europe?
As France tries to ascertain the links in the recent shootings we ask how far politics instigate such attacks.
Sarkozy supporters tearful after defeat
With clearly dampened spirits, the crowds continued to cheer as their champion gave his farewell speech.
Has multiculturalism failed in Europe?
As Sarkozy says there are too many foreigners in France, we examine the alternatives to multiculturalism.
More News
Leader of French Socialist party has placed himself as antithesis of presidential rival Sarkozy's 'bling, bling' image.
Presidential hopeful Dominique de Villepin discusses the state of the French economy and the country's political scene.
Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reflects on the political heavyweight bout between Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy
Days before France's presidential vote, French website publishes documents it says suggests campaign funding violations.
Presidential candidates Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy hold their last rallies as campaigning officially ends.
Socialist challenger to Sarkozy returns to his provincial political roots on eve of France's presidential runoff.
Leader of France's far-right party tells May Day rally she will cast a blank vote in Sunday's presidential election.
The first round of polling appears to have excited neither the nation's media sources - nor the voting public.
French farmers feel politicians should do more for them as the the economic conditions are forcing farms to shut down.
Tempers flare during France's presidential poll debate billed as incumbent's last chance to save his re-election bid.
Projections have Francois Hollande has unseated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in a close and heated poll.
President in need of major reversal in fortunes even as polls show slight drop in his socialist challenger's lead.
The record score for the far-right may be proof that Sarkozy has angered many of those who voted for him five years ago.
Al Jazeera speaks to M’hammed Henniche about the reaction of France’s Muslims to politicians’ preoccupation with Islam.
Presidential poll predicted to see high voter abstention as candidates fail to connect with people hungry for change.
Why is Sarkozy so determined to pass a law making it illegal to deny that the mass killings of Armenians was genocide?
After-school programme aims to bring children of immigrants into the fold and stem dropout rates.
If elected, the Socialist candidate may help leftist coaliations in France, Germany and Italy to also take power.
Campaigning president tackles indebtedness but critics say move will hurt poor as it seeks to increase taxes too.
Critics accuse Le Pen and Sarkozy of using the Toulouse tragedy to gain electoral favour.
Campaigners say Breton, Occitan, Corsican and others will soon cease to be living languages without formal recognition.
Members of Forsane Alizza, or Knights of Pride, are charged with "criminal association linked to terrorist network".
Sarkozy scorecard
About the contenders

Candidates in May 6 runoff

Nicolas Sarkozy - Union for Popular Movement

Francois Hollande - Socialist Party

Candidates from April 22 first round

Marine Le Pen - National Front Party

Jean-Luc Melenchon - Left Front

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