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In pictures: Hunger stalks Niger
About six million people at risk as food crisis worsens in the Sahel region hit by poor harvests.
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As the US drought drags on, a localised problem is having global implications for food prices.
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Despite drought, corn growers say $5bn in controversial annual direct payments are unnecessary given US debt levels.
G20 leaders to use corn and soya bean figures to decide if joint action is needed to stop price rise.
When corn prices rise, food prices go up - not just in the US, but also all around the world.
Kimberly Halkett
Communities in the slums of Kenyan capital are surviving on food that is hardly fit for consumption.
The fourth poorest Arab country has a high cost of living, and rulers worry about potential unrest and food riots.
Nearly one year after a famine killed tens of thousands of people in Somalia, millions are still in need of aid.
Prices now one per cent higher than previous peak in Feburary 2011 "threatening the health and well-being of millions".
Amid rising food prices, poor families in urban areas are finding it hard to put together a square meal.
In the latest feature in our "Feeding the World" series, Al Jazeera visits the struggling Yida refugee camp.
Fears of decimated crop causing food crisis and affecting greenhouse gases.
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