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Funding to improve country's most impoverished region, Calabria, has instead made its way into pockets of local mafia.
Rates of suicide and depression are on the rise in Spain as the unemployment figures there hit a record high.
EU finance ministers approve $13bn rescue deal to save the Mediterranean island's banking system from collapse.
Markets underwhelmed by European Central Bank chief's promise to do "whatever it takes" to preserve single currency.

Europe’s fourth biggest economy, Spain, is about to make a formal request for money from the European Union to save its banks, according to Reuters, citing EU and German sources.

The question is just how much money is required? I have four sources, some in the public domain already.

Abid Ali
From bonds to eurobonds, default to deflation and GDP to stimulus, the economic terms used explained.
The largest outstanding loans from the IMF were issued to European countries, notably Greece and Portugal.
Jacques Delors, one of the architects of single currency, says his plans for economic co-ordination were never followed.
Major central banks across the world to provide low-cost, emergency US dollar loans to banks in Europe and elsewhere.
International economic organisation predicts eurozone and UK could be entering a recession.
Real-life examples such as abandoned property developments contradict figures suggesting a stable economy.
Croatia hopes to join European Union despite economic crisis and anti-austerity strikes disrupting the region.
By Counting the Cost
The head of the European Central Bank has warned that the currency union has become unsustainable.
By Inside Story
As European leaders try to keep the euro stable, we ask if Europe is facing a leadership problem or a structural crisis.
By Inside Story
Anti-austerity in 2010
Looking back
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