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Human rights groups say at least 25,000 people have been detained in the past year, while dozens have died in custody.
A nationwide hunger strike is gaining support in Egypt against the country's controversial Protest Law.
Egypt descended into violent chaos, peaking with the clearing of two vigils held in support of a deposed president.
Experts say newfound media support for Israel in its Gaza offensive reflects ongoing tensions between Hamas and Egypt.
Human rights groups have condemned the 2013 killings of anti-coup protesters in Cairo as 'a crime against humanity'.
Human Rights Watch says killings were planned at highest levels of government and calls for senior leaders to be probed.
Even as Egypt ships aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip, some question Cairo's commitment to the Palestinian cause.
Wary Egyptians face a stalled economy, civil rights violations and a tourism industry attempting to rebuild.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi appeals to the nation for patience over Egypt’s energy crisis.
An investigation into some of the most notorious jails in the Arab world.
Human Rights Watch says security forces deliberately killed largely unarmed demonstrators.
The one time enemies talk trade, tunnels and what they see as terrorism at a time of heightened tensions.
Cairo set to build a new Suez canal, with Sisi saying the army will oversee the project.
Cairo says it has no plans to revise ceasefire proposal which Hamas rejected.
Cairo has defended its initiative on Gaza, insisting it gained international support.
What are the president's plans to get Egypt's finances in order?
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Al Jazeera tells the hidden story of how Egypt may become dependent on Israeli gas.
Millions of Egyptians will elect a new president amid deepening divisions that continue to polarise the country.
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Lawyer of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party calls ruling unconstitutional and politically motivated.
Ousted Egyptian president faces Cairo court again over the deaths of 850 protesters during the 2011 uprising.
Lawyers for the three journalists imprisoned in Egypt say there were several breaches of process in their trial.
At least four killed as protests mark first anniversary of the killing of hundreds of demonstrators at two protest camp.