In Depth
Egypt's faltering mediation in Gaza?
Gaza death toll soars amid a flurry of diplomacy to end the Israeli assault on the strip.
Egypt crackdown far deeper than Al Jazeera verdict
Security forces have jailed some 16,000 political prisoners, perhaps hundreds more held in secret.
In Pictures: Tension and uncertainty in Egypt
Wary Egyptians face a stalled economy, civil rights violations and a tourism industry attempting to rebuild.
Egypt-Israel 'peace dividends' enrich elite
Egyptian and Israeli business tycoons used their countries' close relations after the peace treaty to enrich themselves.
In Pictures: Cairo's urban planning
Housing problem remains one of the biggest crises faced in Cairo, one of the world's most rapidly growing capitals.
Could Sisi unite Egypt's opposition?
Opposition groups look to build unified movement, as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is sworn in as Egypt's new president.
Death by balcony in Egypt
A series of mysterious balcony deaths in Egypt feed conspiracies and a national fixation.
Profile: Sisi, a man for all seasons?
In the run-up to Egypt's May 26 presidential election, Al Jazeera takes a closer look at the candidates.
Gaza truce: Is Egypt an honest broker?
Cairo says it has no plans to revise ceasefire proposal which Hamas rejected.
Inside Egypt's prisons
An investigation into some of the most notorious jails in the Arab world.
Will Sisi guarantee freedom of expression?
Egypt's new president is under mounting pressure to protect human rights.
Victims of a political show trial?
Al Jazeera English said the verdict against its journalists defies logic.
Interactive: Egypt's Lost Power
Al Jazeera tells the hidden story of how Egypt may become dependent on Israeli gas.
Interactive: Egypt votes for president
Millions of Egyptians will elect a new president amid deepening divisions that continue to polarise the country.
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Former army chief wins more than 90 percent of vote but low turnout hits credibility of presidential election.
Two policemen are wounded in the attack that targeted a security checkpoint in Dokki neighbourhood.
Egyptian military commander receives 200,000 signatures, surpassing the 25,000 required to register for poll.
Thousands of prisoners reported to have held protests denouncing prison conditions and lack of access to justice.
Government critics decry harsh verdicts for female protesters and new anti-protest law.
Thousands of protesters stage fresh rallies in Cairo for a third straight day as part of an 11-day anti-coup campaign.