Scorecard: Egypt since the revolution
One year later, country's ruling generals have yet to fulfil many of the demands of the activists who toppled Mubarak.
24 Jan 2012 18:05 GMT
Revolution retrospective
Egypt: A revolution in 18 days
Explore our interactive narrative of Egypt's political transformation, culminating in Mubarak's ouster.
Egypt: Relive the revolution
Examine Egypt's revolution by looking at our top news stories for each of the 18 days.
Taking stock
One year after Egypt's uprising
Is #Jan25 a celebration or protest?
Voices from Tahrir Square
One year on from revolution, five young Egyptians recount the tumult of January 2011 and offer thoughts on the future.
Was the Egyptian uprising a success?
Tell Al Jazeera whether you believe the revolution in Egypt has lived up to its expectations.
Revolution Through Arab Eyes
One year after a wave of protests sparked the 'Arab Spring', Arab filmmakers tell the story of their revolutions.
Images of revolution
In Pictures: Egypt's revolution
Demonstrators in Cairo and beyond demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and call for reforms from January 25.
In Pictures: Egypt's second revolt
Tens of thousands stage protests in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez in the biggest wave of protests since February 11.
Timeline: A look back
Remembering 'martyrs'
Interactive: Protests
Days of the Revolution