03 Nov 2010 16:04 GMT
Founders of the Zetas drug gang learned special forces techniques at Ft. Bragg before waging a campaign of carnage.
17 Oct 2011 20:30 GMT
Gangs are moving from fighting for trafficking routes to asserting control over territory, and analysts are worried.
01 Jul 2012 10:45 GMT
Speculation rife over role of criminal syndicates as country votes for new president amid continuing drug violence.
24 Jul 2012 14:16 GMT
Spokesman for Chihuahua state says US agencies don't want to end drug trade, a claim denied by other Mexican officials.
02 Jun 2011 15:56 GMT
Mexico has become one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists, with at least 44 killed since 2006.
17 Jul 2012 13:31 GMT
Major banks are getting rich from money laundered by violent Mexican drug gangs, whistleblower says.
Fault Lines 14 Jun 2011 09:40 GMT
Josh Rushing travels to the city dubbed the murder capital of the world.
24 May 2012 12:30 GMT
We ask why the Latin American country is now one of the deadliest for reporters and how fear has impacted press freedom.
31 Jul 2012 14:18 GMT
While Mexico's drug war rages on, where do those caught in the crossfire find a safe haven?
03 Oct 2012 10:37 GMT
As Mexico's drug war rages, we ask if the new government can end the violence and steer a democratic path to prosperity.
14 Sep 2012 10:08 GMT
As a peace caravan highlights the plight of victims we ask if the campaign will achieve policy changes on both sides.
Fault Lines 21 Jun 2011 08:09 GMT
Josh Rushing finds out how campesino communities caught in the narco-economy are resisting repression and dispossession.
What the politicians say
Mexico's former foreign minister explains how drug-related violence is affecting the 2012 presidential election.
Mauricio Funes speaks about his country's stark situation of drug trafficking and related violence.
Guatemalan president says international drug trafficking gangs are the biggest threat facing Guatemala and the region.
Mexico's security spokesman discusses drug violence, saying it is "essential to bring these cartels down".
Violence rules a city split between rich and poor, yet positive signs are beginning to emerge.
Jose Fernandez
Teenagers are often the victims of gruesome murders in the drug war among rival cartels in Monterrey.
Rachel Levin
Juarez Valley is considered among the most dangerous places in Mexico and few ousiders go there.
Chris Arsenault
Arrests of New Mexico town's mayor and police chief on gun-running charges reveal how influence of Mexican drug gangs reaches across the border into the US.
Rob Reynolds
Some people in Mexico are fed up with the escalating violence and the never-ending drug war that is clearly not being won - they suggest it is time to make drugs legal.
Lucia Newman
The long and arduous route from Guatemala to the US poses many risks to the migrants that try to cover it - from corrupt police and border officials, to violent drug gangs.
Franc Contreras
Many people are uncomfortable seeing the same institution that was once responsible for killing innocent civilians, even nuns and priests, out on patrol with high powered rifles.
Lucia Newman
I had heard the stories about how the Kaibils were made to not only raise a pet dog and then kill it, but also to eat it raw.
Lucia Newman
"If you want to see the inner workings of the drug trafficking business, Honduras is the country," says Victor, a former drug trafficker turned born-again Christian.
Monica Villamizar
Violence spiralling in the port city of Acapulco after the top boss of a major drug cartel was killed by Mexican soldiers.
Mariana Sanchez
With Mexican drug cartels now controlling the bulk of the trafficking into the US, Guatemala - which shares a border with Mexico - has become far more saturated by organised crime.
Lucia Newman
Focusing on the economy best way to combat cartels, Mexico City's mayor tells Al Jazeera.
Security expert says focus on terrorism has hindered efforts to curb corruption among border officials.
Latin America organised crime analyst calls trend of using armies to fight drug gangs "disturbing".
Rob Reynolds discusses impact of the Mexico drug cartel in Columbus.
Human rights professor discusses the dangers migrants face as they journey to US.
Steven Dudley, co-director of Insight Crime, discusses ways to tackle organised crime in Latin America.
Mexico is the leading source of heroin and marijuana and is now the leading transit country for cocaine.
Mexico's bloody crackdown on drug gangs has claimed thousands of lives and affected region along the border with US.
It has been more than five years since Mexico's crackdown on drug cartels began, but the situation seems only to be getting worse. Most observers believe more than 50,000 people have died in the violence since President Felipe Calderon sent the military to battle drug gangs in December 2006.

Recently drug-related violence has been spreading south of Mexico and into Central America. With weak civil institutions and ill-equipped security forces, this region has become an increasing fertile ground for drug traffickers.

With a new administration, led by Enrique Pena Nieto, due to take over the reins from Calderon in January, Mexicans are facing an uneasy period in which links between organised criminals and former officials are being broken, and drug kingpins' search for "insiders" begins again.

Amid this backdrop of politics and violence, Al Jazeera reports from the scenes of Mexico's drug war.

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