Unregulated and secretive US drone use is likely to erode legal and moral norms around world, report says.
Tech entrepreneurs predict cross-border California-Mexico region will be the new Silicon Valley.
Yemen researcher says he received a death threat after investigating deadly wedding-convoy attack.
Anger rises after apparent US drone strike killed 12 people on the way to a wedding last month.
UK military leaders say robots are here to stay, but say claims they are automaton killing machines is wide of the mark.
While publicly condemning US drone attacks on its soil, evidence suggests Pakistani government complicity.
Congolese discuss what the UN's first-time launch of surveillance drones could mean for its peacekeeping mission.
Drones buzzing overhead are a source of daily trauma for Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip.
A generation of Pakistani artists focuses on expressing life under daily violence.
Transparency and accountability remain out of sight after four major reports question the legality of US drone strikes.
Drones fuel 'blowback' and undermine core principles of American identity.
That war technology has uses beyond war doesn't justify the funding of technologies whose core mission is war.
Drones have become weapon of choice in the war on terror.
Despite the economic crisis, the EU is facing serious lobbying to boost its defence spending.
Professional journalists could use drones, but a code of ethics must be devised.
Innocent victims of drone strikes wait in vain for humanity to choose justice over lawlessness.
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