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Delegates end conference with agreement to keep alive legally binding plan limiting greenhouse-gas emissions until 2020.
Key points of the climate package deal, dubbed the Doha Climate Gateway, include an extension of the Kyoto Protocol.
As warnings escalate over the perils the planet faces, we ask what the COP18 summit has achieved.
By Inside Story
Standoff between rich and developing countries remains as the COP18 talks in Qatar enter the final stretch.
UN secretary-general calls for spirit of compromise, saying that global warming poses 'existential challenge' to humans.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions rose by about three percent last year, according to a new study.
Saudi Arabia: Ray of light in climate fight?
Oil rich Gulf state seeks $109bn investment for solar energy, a move some say could revolutionise green power.
Fighting desertification in China
Beijing launched an ambitious plan a decade ago, but the desert continues to swallow up large tracts of green land.
The changing face of Brazil's deforestation
As Brazil reins in its deforestation of the Amazon, other regions are bearing the brunt of rapid economic expansion.
China timber trade 'fuels climate change'
The economic giant's hunger for timber reportedly causes illegal destruction of forests needed to stop global warming.
Combating climate change on credit
Nations around the world have signed up for a CO2 'cap-and-trade' system, but questions abound over its effectiveness.
Kyoto extension flounders at climate talks
Japan and New Zealand announced they will not sign new binding targets, angering environmentalists and poor nations.
CO2 dangerously acidifying world's oceans
Oceans are sucking up increased carbon emissions, raising fears acidification could lead to marine life extinctions.
Geoengineering: A climatic 'Frankenstein'?
Some scientists believe schemes like sending particles into the air to block the sun's light could stop climate change.
Some scientists believe the ozone layer, protecting earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, could be recovering.
By Marcela Valente
The wealthy states have not yet pledged to cut emissions, but green energy projects are blooming in the oil-rich region.
By Sam Bollier
As climate talks approach, a new report finds most fossil fuels must stay in the ground to prevent dangerous warming.
By Stephen Leahy
Scientists say climate change will cause ocean levels to rise and increase the likelihood of extreme weather.
As the ice retreats, a crucial environment is literally disappearing into the sea.
Almost half of humanity will face water scarcity by 2030 and strategists from Israel to Central Asia prepare for strife.
By Chris Arsenault
Amid scores of conferences over the last 20 years, CO2 in the atmosphere has risen 41ppm to dangerously high levels.
By Mohammed Haddad, Dahr Jamail
Residents of one Canadian town are engaged in a David and Goliath-style battle over the dirtiest oil project ever known.
By Witness
Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo follows the story of an activist who lived and died for the Amazon Rainforest.
By Al Jazeera Correspondent
Follow the woman delivering justice and medical care to the 'invisible' people of the Amazon Rainforest.
It has offices in 40 countries, nearly three million members and a $150m budget, but where did it all begin?
If multinationals will do anything to control the public debate, how can indigenous peoples ever assert their rights?
The country's dependence on coal is leaving a dirty trail of violence, landlessness and poverty.
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