European bank chief predicts 'stability'
While some experts see a bleak future for the euro zone, the head of Europe's Central Bank paints an optimistic picture.
Egypt economy heading in 'right direction'
Egypt struggles to rebuild its economy in the face of political challenges.
Economics on ice
The host of Al Jazeera's business programme is heading to Davos, and outlines what the point of it all is.
Q&A: The eternal quest for economic growth
As businessmen and policymakers prepare for annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, two economists discuss macro questions.
Counting the Cost
Bank of Japan doubles inflation target as PM Shinzo Abe's government pushes for plan to kick-start struggling economy.
We ask if the numbers coming out of China can be trusted, and whether Africa is doing enough to realise its potential.
What are the global implications of US debt and just what are the politics behind the economics?
The year has seen new faces take on some old problems, but what has been achieved and does 2013 look any brighter?
We examine three nations in the midst of a debt crisis and compare their differing strategies to get out of it.
The Swiss banking industry's secrets are out and new treaties mean it is no longer a haven for the world's tax cheats.
Debating the economy

"The Economic Malaise and its Perils" is a live panel discussion in Davos at 0815GMT on Friday, January 25. Watch here for the live stream.

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In Pictures: Davos 2012

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