More than 30 countries, mostly in Europe and East Asia, face rapidly ageing populations.
By Chris Arsenault
With the world's population hitting seven billion, demographers are worried about how to provide for everyone.
By Chris Arsenault
Gender selective abortions have skewed birthrates, so millions of men will never find wives, potentially causing strife.
By Chris Arsenault
As the world's population hits seven billion we face a future of slow growth with implications on global labour supply.
By Sanjeev Sanyal
Demographic reality raises questions about religion, culture and where the two intersect in South Asian nation.
Growth is a 'challenge and an opportunity' UN says, as activists campaign for easier access to family planning tools.
By Thalif Deen
Most populous nations
India population grows to 1.2 billion
Country has added 181 million more in the past decade despite growth slowing down for the first time in 90 years.
Census shows China population growth slowing
Data could prompt calls for Beijing to relax country's "one-child" policy as census shows elderly population is growing.
Photos: Baby 7 Billion
Family planning debate