01 Mar 2013 12:08 GMT
The convention has been combating wildlife crime for forty years, but critics say it still has much work to do.
07 Feb 2013 14:37 GMT
Experts say shrinking habitats, poaching and political inaction are causing more elephant deaths.
15 Dec 2012 10:25 GMT
Concerns over endangered species rise in Assam after floods and poaching claim scores of the state's horned population.
29 Oct 2012 11:14 GMT
More rhinoceros have been killed this year than any year before as Asian demand for horns fuels illicit trade.
19 Sep 2012 08:15 GMT
German royalty, transgender Thais, and New Zealand All Blacks converged to raise money for pachyderm rehabilitation.
16 Nov 2012 07:43 GMT
As demand for rhino horns increases dramatically Jonah Hull examines the poaching industry from South Africa to Asia.
We examine the argument that it is time to shift efforts away from saving those species that are too costly to preserve.
Census under way for Royal Bengal tigers to help plan strategy to double their number by 2022.
Carcasses of at least 14 endangered elephants found this month, as officials say pesticides likely reason for deaths.
Wildlife rangers are searching for poachers in what officials say is the worst elephant killings in three decades.
Head of smuggling ring gets unprecedented 40-year term in move heralded by animal rights activists.
The economic giant's hunger for timber reportedly causes illegal destruction of forests needed to stop global warming.
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Protecting rhinos from floodwaters and poachers is a challenge for park rangers at wildlife reserve.
Delegates meet at South Korean gathering in bid to save planet's most threatened wildlife.
Impact of global warming on northern polar ice caps increasingly endangers region's Arctic wildlife.
Kemp Ridley turtles in Mexico make comeback almost two years after devastating environmental disaster.
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