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China internet censored for Party Congress
Activists suggest online control intensified during key Communist Party meeting.
China's students prepare for the future
A 17-year-old student explains how studies determine how contributes towards the country's economy.
China's Hu says corruption threatens state
President urges clampdown on fraud as ruling party opens congress to inaugurate new slate of leaders.
China's one-child policy conundrum
Amid a soaring population of elderly Chinese, new leadership in Beijing is expected to review the decades-old policy.
China prepares for new leader
Xi Jinping's first-hand grassroots experience about to be put to test as he gets ready to succeed President Hu Jintao.
China workers 'strive' to benefit from boom
Construction worker says he is one of many labourers who struggled to reap rewards of economic progress.
More China students choose to study abroad
Outgoing President Hu Jintao pledges education reform, but many students still opt to study overseas.
China prepares for leadership transition
Ahead of Communist Party's once-in-a-decade national congress, Al Jazeera visits a Chinese farmer.
Exiled Uighurs call for China reforms
As Communist Party Congress begins, members of the Muslim minority hope for better treatment from China's government.
China: Whispers of change
China's Communist Party is about to confirm a new generation of leaders, but is the party resistant to change?
The meeting will choose the next generation of leaders at the helm of the world's most populous nation.
What will be the impact of China's power shift on Hong Kong?
Rob McBride
Ninety-one years after Communist Party held its first Congress in Shanghai, secrecy continues to shroud its leadership.
Spiritual leader demands China investigate a spate of self-immolations in Tibet during visit to Tokyo.
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