Cancun Climate 2010
Socotra's indigenous species are now in danger of being wiped out as conservation is not top priority.
Poor Latin American nation battles to keep Atlantic out of its populated coastal areas.
Host city for UN climate change talks is paying heavy price for rapid development.
New computer game portrays how climate change could have 'apocalyptic' consequences.
Even if an emissions deal is reached in Cancun it could be too late, scientists warn.
Venue for UN climate talks is itself evidence of the threats that climate change pose.
High sea levels may force thousands of the indigenous Kuna tribe from their homes.
As the UN tries to rein in global warming, the UAE opens a climate change themed water park.
Research has shown that Canada's polar bear population, world's largest, is in decline.
A small rural community in Tamil Nadu is reaping the benefits of sustainable energy.
Property development threatens to disrupt efforts to protect marine reserves in the country.
Prolonged severe drought raises concerns about fate of world's biggest rainforest.
Thousands of families turn to a cost-effective, green-friendly instrument that converts food waste to gas.
More homes are at risk as rising sea levels swallow up West African country's coastline.
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