Australia's election
07 Sep 2013 18:17 GMT
A look at Kevin Rudd's rise and fall - and rise and fall.
, and 05 Sep 2013 15:49 GMT
Al Jazeera examines the main issues of Australian politics in 2013, with the economy and immigration topping the agenda.
02 Sep 2013 19:35 GMT
Asylum-seekers are at the front of many minds ahead of Saturday's election.
01 Sep 2013 19:19 GMT
Experts say female leaders such as Julia Gillard and Margaret Thatcher were demeaned because of their gender.
22 Aug 2013 10:48 GMT
Angry over federal intervention in the Northern Territory, indigenous voters could sway upcoming polls.
and 06 Sep 2013 09:43 GMT
As PM Kevin Rudd and rival Tony Abbott near campaign finale, Al Jazeera talks to voters in key electoral battlegrounds.
Special programmes
Australian aboriginal youth suicide rates are among the highest in the world, so how can communities save their youths?
By 101 East
Why, despite being one of the world's wealthiest countries, is Australia unable to break the cycle of poverty?
By 101 East
101 East meets the men who risk the lives of thousands of refugees on the treacherous boat journey to Australia.
By 101 East
Examining the impact of the Australian government's so-called 'intervention' policy on aboriginal communities.
By Witness
Natural resources are powering Australia's economy to record highs, but is there a dark side to the mining boom?
By 101 East
Can a Qatari former camel herder find an alternative to the mass killing of camels underway in Australia?
By Al Jazeera World


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