22 Sep 2012 14:34 GMT
How did a film trailer that lived in well-deserved obscurity on Youtube turn into something altogether different?
22 Sep 2012 06:11 GMT
As protests over an anti-Islam video spread, we ask what should be done by both sides to stem the anger.
20 Sep 2012 12:41 GMT
As a French magazine publishes cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, we ask if this is freedom of expression or provocation.
19 Sep 2012 09:57 GMT
A French ban on publishing the Duchess of Cambridge's topless pictures re-ignites debate on privacy and free expression.
Can the region's newest leaders navigate international demands and domestic politics as they respond to the protests?
By Inside Story
We examine if US foreign policy or a power struggle in post-revolution Arab countries is behind the violent reaction.
By Inside Story Americas
As the anger grows, we ask if such films should be allowed under the rules of free speech.
By Inside Story
While protests spread over a video offensive to Muslims, rapper Lupe Fiasco promotes the hashtag #MuhammadShowedMe.
By The Stream
We examine the regional implications of the violence in Benghazi that left the US ambassador to the country dead.
By Inside Story
As the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi raises questions about US policy, we ask if it will impact the election.
By Inside Story US 2012
21 Sep 2012 16:28 GMT
Breakdown of events since diffusion of video considered offensive to Islam that led to violent protests at US embassies.
19 Sep 2012 15:55 GMT
Islamic scholar Moataz al-Khateeb explains what is behind a wave of recent protests over an anti-Islam video.
15 Sep 2012 22:37 GMT
Enigmatic Egyptian-American fraudster fingered as main producer behind anti-Islam video is currently on probation.
16 Sep 2012 10:12 GMT
Hard questions asked about why diplomats were in a volatile region in Libya on the anniversary of September 11.
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Schools and missions in 20 countries to close on Friday after French weekly magazine publishes caricatures of Muhammad.
Students chant 'Death to France'after satirical weekly newspaper publishes cartoons caricaturing Prophet Muhammad.
French left-wing satire magazine editor tells Al Jazeera that he has right to insult religion.
Newsweek cover causes controversy online.
Cindy Lee Garcia is suing presumed director and YouTube, alleging fraud, slander and infliction of emotional distress.
Hassan Nasrallah addresses thousands of supporters in Beirut protesting against film mocking Islam and Prophet Muhammad.
Top Libyan official says dozens of arrests have been made after killing of US ambassador and three embassy staff.
Hassan Nasrallah says US-made anti-Islam video is "the worst attack ever on Islam" and says Muslims will not be silent.
Suspected filmmaker is questioned by authorities after widespread protests over video rocked Muslim world.
President Magarief, in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, says he believes al-Qaeda is responsible.
Demonstrations over movie trailer made in US and deemed insulting to Islam spread across Middle East and North Africa.
Officials say "four men are in custody" suspected of having links to killing of US ambassador and three embassy staff.
Republican candidate Mitt Romney's criticism of the Obama administration's response has been poorly received by many.
President Barack Obama and others have criticised Republican candidate Mitt Romney's recent comments on foreign policy.
Demonstrations erupt in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Gaza, over film made in US which insults Prophet Muhammed.
President Barack Obama promises to bring justice to attackers who brought about death of US ambassador in Benghazi.
Ambassador and three staff killed during attack in eastern Libya city over film deemed insulting by Muslims.
Demonstrators in Cairo tear down the Stars and Stripes at the US embassy and replace it with Islamic flag.

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