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Special series 24 Feb 2011 08:34 GMT
Through interviews with correspondents on the ground, Al Jazeera tells the story of 18 days when history was made.
Empire 08 Feb 2011 09:42 GMT
Empire looks at the dramatic changes taking place in the Arab world and their strategic implications.
People & Power 09 Feb 2011 10:56 GMT
People & Power reveals the story behind the unprecedented political protests in Egypt.
Listening Post 05 Feb 2011 11:09 GMT
We follow the coverage of one of the biggest political protests in Arab history.
19 Aug 2011 12:06 GMT
Egypt's military pardons two activists after public outcry, but thousands still seek justice in face of military trials.
14 May 2011 07:28 GMT
Suzanne Mubarak, Egypt's former first lady, is detained and under investigation for corruption-related charges.
06 Mar 2011 19:23 GMT
Egyptian protesters hope the records seized from state security buildings will lead to prosecutions of officers.
Fatma Naib 19 Feb 2011 12:11 GMT
Egyptian women describe the spirit of Tahrir and their hope that the equality they found there will live on.
06 Feb 2011 21:30 GMT
Al Jazeera meets the vanguards of the pro-democracy protests that have flooded Cairo's Tahrir Square for 12 days.
Benedict Moran 06 Feb 2011 04:48 GMT
With protests against Egypt's president showing no sign of abating, many are petitioning the UN to step in.
Roxane Farmanfarmaian 06 Feb 2011 12:08 GMT
As unrest spreads from one Arab country to the next, protest leaders look beyond shortcomings of the Islamic Revolution.
Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr 06 Feb 2011 12:10 GMT
A young generation has managed to shrug off an oppressive regime akin to those who revolted against the Soviet-bloc.
Asmaa Mahfouz released from court on bail pending trial for "insulting military rulers and calling for armed operation".
Ex-interior minister Habib al-Adly and senior security officials face charges over their role in killings of protesters.
Former Egyptian president maintains innocence over charges that include corruption and unlawful killings of protesters.
Former president and sons plead not guilty to charges including corruption and murder.
Reports say toppled president has landed in the capital, from Sharm el-Sheikh, to face trial following uprising.
Protesters pledge to suspend Cairo sit-in during Muslim month of Ramadan, ahead of trial for former president.
More than half of the ministers changed in reshuffle as military council faces pressure for faster and deeper reforms.
Authorities arrest 15 people in connection with deadly attack on police station in north Sinai city of El-Arish.
Tens of thousands of people gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square in bid to show political parties united in seeking change.
Cases against former president, ex-security chief and others set for August 3 as protesters continue calls for justice.
Chief of the election commission says the voting for both houses of the parliament will take place simultaneously.
Action further angers protesters in Cairo, who continue to rally against ruling military council.
At least 231 injured after knife-wielding men attack pro-reform protesters marching to defence ministry in Cairo.
Maikel Nabil found guilty of insulting the military and spreading false news.
Egypt's public prosecutor refers former president and two sons to stand trial in a criminal court.
The decision is part of a new election law approved by the country's ruling generals.
Security forces disperse "Nakba Day" demonstrators after group attempts to "storm" Israeli embassy in Egyptian capital.
Coptic Christian pope calls for end to demonstrations after 78 people wounded at state television building.
Nabil Elaraby confirmed as organisation's leader after last minute diplomacy left him as the only candidate in the race.
Reports of Egypt's former first lady having suffered heart attack following arrest downgraded to "panic attack".
Protesters gather in support of the Palestinian cause and national unity, a week after deadly sectarian clashes.
At least 230 people injured in violence between Muslims and Christians that has left 12 people dead in Cairo.
Ruling military council blames enemies at home and abroad for Egypt's economic woes and security problem.
Egypt's top prosecutor orders the transfer after medical exams showed that the ex-leader is stable enough for the move.
Public prosecutor targets country's former premier and former finance and interior ministers.
Administrative court orders funds and property of the National Democratic Party to be handed over to the government.
Prosecutor orders ex-leader, currently hospitalised with heart problems, and sons to be held for 15 days.
Movements for democratisation are springing up in many Arab countries - one by one the queue increases.
United against their president, demonstrators in Tahrir Square have managed to bridge the country's political divides.
Journalist Ahmed Mahmoud was shot as he filmed the clashes between protesters and riot police from his Cairo office.
Protesters storm state security buildings, claiming documents on rights abuses are being destroyed.
Essam Sharaf speaks to thousands of pro-democracy campaigners who had gathered in centre of Cairo after Friday prayers.
Saturday's army crackdown in Cairo's Tahrir Square highlights deepening tension between protesters and army.
Army uses batons to break up demonstrations in capital Cairo demanding purging of Mubarak loyalists from government.
Some fear a "yes" vote on Saturday will stall the revolution; others fear voting "no" will keep the army on the streets.
Egypt's foreign minister says Omar Suleiman escaped an assassination attempt in Cairo during country's recent uprising.
The country's military rulers turn to the social-networking tools of the revolution to promote their own cause.
Global leaders hail "historic change" and "victory" in Egypt, but Obama warns of difficult days ahead.
Loyal government mouthpieces to the end of Mubarak's rule, state-run media outlets now celebrate the revolution.
Omar Suleiman, Egypt's vice-president, announces Hosni Mubarak has resigned and handed power to army.
Human rights groups allege that pro-democracy protesters have been detained or tortured in an "organised campaign".
Brief profiles of members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces as it assumes power from Hosni Mubarak.
Uprising seems not to have troubled the attentions of many, with citizens divided along party lines, poll reveals.
Thirty-four prisoners reportedly freed in move seen as part of reforms pledged by embattled government.
Al Jazeera's correspondent in Cairo speaks of interrogation, intimidation and beatings during military detention.
Leader Nasrallah says protesters are fighting for 'Arab dignity' and slams US for supporting region's 'dictatorships'.
Leaked US cables raise questions over whether vice-president can be honest broker in any talks with Muslim Brotherhood.
Military releases Ayman Mohyeldin following appeal by the channel and correspondent's supporters.
Former information minister and state broadcasting chief arrested, while others face charges of misuse of public funds.
US secretary of state says rulers in Middle East must enforce political and social reforms or face backlash.
The ruling party, army, internal security and an emerging business elite form the core of Hosni Mubarak's regime.
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