The top story of 2011
The uprising that has spanned two continents, toppled three regimes and involved millions of people is our No. 1.
Yasmine Ryan
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Evan Hill
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Chris Arsenault
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Rounding up the top 10
The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown which killed around 20,000 people was our No. 2.
The US special forces raid in Pakistan which killed al-Qaeda's leader was our No. 3.
The world has watched in horror as the humanitarian disaster continues to ravage 13 million people, making it our No. 4.
The bond market has achieved what elected politicians never could - a complete victory for neoliberalism in our No. 5.
Leaderless protest movement targeting economic inequality starts in New York and quickly goes global in our No. 6.
South Sudan's secession began smoothly with little violence but tensions have been heating up.
Widespread riots across England led politicians to open a discussion about "broken Britain", landing our No. 8.
The leaked documents shocked the world with the minutes of secret negotiations between the PLO and Israel in our No. 9.
The withdrawal of US troops after almost nine years has unveiled a dire situation, rounding out our No. 10 spot.
Other significant news events
Observers have no real idea where Swiss educated, untested, politically inexperienced Jong-un will take North Korea.
Anders Breivik wreaked havoc in Norway when he bombed Oslo's government district, then opened fire on a youth camp.
Laurent Gbago's refusal to step down threw the country into turmoil and onto the world stage.
Palestine's bid to join the United Nations reignited international debate on the longstanding conflict with Israel.
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