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The top read news stories of 2010 show our readers are still drawn to what we do best, delivering hard-hitting news.
Last Modified: 26 Dec 2010 11:31 GMT

The Al Jazeera website's highest-viewed news stories in 2010 show that when it comes to uncovering what goes on in the Middle East, readers continue to look to us. Seven of our top ten stories come from the region.

The highest-ranking story of the year detailed Israel's attack in May on the international flotilla carrying aid to the Gaza Strip. Al Jazeera had several staff onboard the Mavi Marmara who continued to report for us as Israeli soldiers raided the vessel.

In a year when WikiLeaks has dominated much of the news agenda, two stories involving the whistleblower website made it into the most-read list.

The first story was from April, and dealt with the release of footage filmed from a helicopter cockpit, showing a US missile attack on a crowded square in Baghdad recorded in July 2007.

In October, the release of hundreds of thousands of secret US diplomatic cables caused major discomfort in US embassies around the world and took the sixth highest position in the Al Jazeera list.

Interestingly, some of the biggest stories of the year - the Gulf oil disaster, Haiti earthquake and conflict in Afghanistan, for instance - are not amongst the 10 most read news articles on our site. 

But our overall statistics do confirm that while they may not have made the list, our readers still took a strong interest in them. 

Global news services often do not throw much of their budgets at covering Africa, a continent teeming with unresolved issues and conflicts.

Our second-highest ranked story is from Nigeria, a country that has witnessed persistent internal tribal conflict throughout the year. Video footage obtained by Al Jazeera appeared to show the extra-judicial killing by police and military units of unarmed men in the north of the country.

Our seventh highest ranked story of the year concerned the facebook postings of a former Israeli soldier. The pictures she placed on the social networking site revealed herself posing with bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

Adding some charm to the list, our eighth most popular news story concerned an Indian "holy man" who claimed to have not eaten or drunk anything for more than 70 years. 

Taken as a whole though, this list makes it pretty clear what our readers love about Al Jazeera - our ability to keep on delivering hard-hitting news.

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