2010: A year in review
...when it comes to intrigue, suffering, absurdity, power politics......2010 has had plenty to offer for us journalists.
Last Modified: 23 Dec 2010 10:51 GMT
The Al Jazeera Top 10
WikiLeaks and Assange captured everyone's attention this year. Revealing secrets and creating scandal, this is our No. 1
Israel's attack on an aid fleet stirred international outrage and put Gaza's plight back in focus, taking No. 2.
A year of chaos as poverty, natural disaster, a cholera epidemic and mass political unrest place Haiti at No. 3
Sumayya Ismail
April saw one of the worst environmental disasters in US history, placing the BP debacle at No. 4
Disaster leaves millions displaced, crippling a country already under economic and security stress, coming in at No. 5.
The world was captivated by the dramatic rescue of 33 miners trapped underground for 70 days, making this story our No.6
Lucia Newman
This year the world's greatest sporting event graced African shores; the World Cup's triumphs and tears make our No. 7
Al Jazeera Staff
Europe has moved considerably right this year. From Islamophobia to tax-cuts, the trend is consistent and is our No. 8
Months later we're still navigating the word; but there's no doubt Eyjafjallajokull erupted into 2010 and is our No. 9
Europe's economy tattered in 2010. Huge debts cause austerity measures. Public anger rises. Rounding up the the top 10
Votes that defined 2010
To what extent did Erdogan's victory in the referendum marginilise Turkey's military.
After losing the 2008 presidential election, the republicans have been re-born thanks to the re-invented "Tea party"
Iraq's elections in March resulted in more than eight months of political deadlock.
Najad Abdullahi
The upcoming referendum in South Sudan may have massive implications for Africa and the world.