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Assia Boundaoui 02 Mar 2011 16:26 GMT
Algerians aren't happy with the status quo, but a long and deadly civil war contributes to fears of instability.
25 Feb 2011 17:47 GMT
North African leaders have worked with the West against Islamists and migrants - becoming more repressive as a result.
18 Nov 2010 09:14 GMT
A French investigation into the deaths of seven monks is challenging the war's historical narrative.
Jeremy Keenan 03 Nov 2010 13:18 GMT
In one message, bin Laden has propelled the little known crisis in the Sahel to international prominence.
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Inside Story 11 Jan 2011 13:37 GMT
Why are the EU and the US largely ignoring the unfolding tragedy in Algeria and Tunisia?
Inside Story 08 Jan 2011 08:36 GMT
As Algerians protest, we ask if the anger spreading across North Africa is only about food prices and unemployment.
Demonstrations taking place in capital Algiers and city of Oran as protesters call for government to resign.
A look at how bitterness provoked by the Algerian war still fuels resentment between France and its Muslim community.
The US has historically supported suppressive secular regimes in the Middle East, a policy with obvious shortcomings.
About 10,000 people join demonstrations in Algiers, including a key opposition leader.
Man set himself on fire in protest over lack of job and housing, in one of four attempted public suicides in a week.
Opposition says demonstrations to be held every Saturday until government falls, as police clash with youths in Annaba.
Several injured as police disperse 300 people who defied a ban and attempted to demonstrate in the capital, Algiers.
Pro-democracy demonstrators, inspired by the Egyptian revolution, ignore official ban and march in the capital Algiers.
Acts of self-immolation spreads through North Africa and Middle East after suicide led to ouster of longtime president.
In the wake of deadly protests, the government lowers duties on basic food supplies and cracks down on rioters.
Three people confirmed killed and hundreds injured as ministers meet to discuss ways of halting crisis.
First protester's death reported and football matches cancelled following fresh unrest in North African nation.
Security tightened in North African nation after two nights of unrest over inflation and unemployment.
Unrest spreads from capital to several towns as youths protest over rising costs and increasing unemployment.
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Algeria's 'Dirty' Civil War