15 Oct 2014 13:13 GMT
Iranian guards erect wall and continue to fire, forcing dozens of villagers in Nimroz province to flee border areas.
05 Oct 2014 15:19 GMT
Afghan woman, whose genitalia was severed by her husband, fights for justice amid rising violence against women.
01 Oct 2014 06:57 GMT
Hundreds of translators, who took risks to aid US war efforts, accuse US of reneging on pledge to help them.
29 Sep 2014 06:41 GMT
Ghani, a career academic and economist and ex-finance minister in Hamid Karzai government, named new Afghan president.
29 Sep 2014 12:08 GMT
Former foreign minister agrees to share power with rival Ashraf Ghani who has been sworn in as new president.
04 Sep 2014 13:15 GMT
Aid workers fear long-term impact of violent trauma on young boys recruited as combatants by both sides in Afghanistan.
29 Aug 2014 12:10 GMT
Taliban makes quick gains in Afghanistan with little opposition from Afghan army as US withdrawal begins.
28 Jul 2014 12:29 GMT
Amid vote audit and horse-trading, politicians of all hues agree a compromise is needed to avoid political instability.
Inside Story 22 Sep 2014 11:02 GMT
Presidential candidates ended months of deadlock by signing agreement.
People and Power 15 Sep 2014 14:00 GMT
As the US draws back its combat forces from Afghanistan, what will they leave behind?
31 Jul 2014 12:46 GMT
People & Power uncovers the harrowing stories of Afghanistan's prison children.
07 Jun 2014 14:32 GMT
The only US prisoner of war in Afghanistan is freed by the Taliban in exchange for five of its leaders.
More News
A new report by Amnesty International looks at civilian casualties by US troops and the ongoing lack of accountability.
Long-delayed bilateral agreement allows some US troops to stay in country beyond this year.
Former finance minister succeeds Hamid Karzai after a three-month standoff over disputed election results.
Suicide attack on local government headquarters leaves 12 dead, as Ashraf Ghani is sworn in as new president.
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