Interactive timeline: 2013 in review   Al Jazeera's top stories of the year

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From the Arafat investigation, to giant moustaches and exotic wildlife trafficking, take an interactive tour of 2013.

Global analyses
Passing away: Key deaths of 2013
Manzarek to Mandela and Chavez to Thatcher - Al Jazeera remembers those the world has lost this year.
A year of risky activism in Saudi Arabia
Women drivers, reformists and religious minorities experienced "one of the darkest years ever" according to activists.
Human rights in 2013: Uses and abuses
Violence in Syria, the struggles of migrants and sectarian strife were some of the biggest human rights issues of 2013.
Triumphs and tribulations of sport in 2013
Tendulkar retires, Armstrong and Pistorius fall from grace and Bale sets football fee record in action-packed year.
News media in 2013: Covering the coverage
Al Jazeera's media review show looks back at media freedoms over the past 12 months.
Social media in 2013: Maturity and mobility
Users of key platforms are getting older and mobile platforms are becoming even more dominant.
Ten predictions for 2014
What are going to be the biggest news events of 2014? Here are ten predictions.
Year four: The seasons turn on the Arab Spring
Revolution, counter-revolution and counter counter-revolution.
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