Interactive: 2012 Year in Review
Drag the calendar below for a sequential look through news events that defined the past 12 months around the world.
As Human Rights violations continue around the world, will 2013 be a better year?
This year has seen social media officially become part of mainstream media, but what challenges will 2013 present?
This is the story of a people fleeing the land where they were born - the Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar.
An Al Jazeera investigation into the death of the late Palestinian leader reveals he may have been poisoned.
We look back at a year of coverage of a war that has claimed the truth as one of its casualties.
Earthrise reporters reflect on environmental initiatives they witnessed around the world in 2012.
An exclusive report from inside northern Mali.
Images of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and their local offshoots and rivals in northern Mali.
Reporter's Notebook
The Malala Yousafzai story focused attention on a region where residents face daily dangers when crossing the Taliban.
Post-Gaddafi Libya is a reporter's dream - a place where stories of a previous era now pour from its people freely.
The Marikana strike highlighted inequality in post-apartheid South Africa, but how badly will it dent the ANC?
The year began with buoyant optimism for Egyptians but as it progressed national unity became a thing of the past.
Congolese rebels may have withdrawn from Goma, but there is a very real threat that fighting could soon return to DRC.
When Israeli airstrikes struck Gaza simply continuing with daily life became a small act of resistance for Gazans.
In Video: Four Families

2012: Year in Pictures