Walter Armbrust


Rope-a-dope: The strategy of Egypt's puppet masters

The political mechanics of the mass protests on June 30, have been largely misrepresented by sections of the media.


Egypt: A revolution against neoliberalism?

If rebellion results in a retrenchment of neoliberalism, millions will feel cheated.

US & Canada

Mubarak's failed last stand

While Mubarak and Suleiman appeal to - and blame - foreign powers, Egypt's uprising is as homegrown as any in history.


Tahrir: Shock and awe Mubarak style

Pro-Mubarak thugs weren't enough to deter the calls of democracy from the crowds gathering in Tahrir square.


Egypt's new political dawn

The emergence of Mohamed ElBaradei as a political player has led Egyptians to dream of a more democratic society.