Wadah Khanfar


Decadent Arab regimes part of an obsolete era

Arab regimes' attempts to discredit Al Jazeera only highlight the honesty of the new people's media.


A historic moment in the Arab world

In TED's first talk of 2011, Al Jazeera's director-general shares his view on the uprisings sweeping the region.

US & Canada

We saw the Arab revolutions coming

Al Jazeera's director general asks why, when Al Jazeera saw the uprisings coming, the West did not.

Arts & Culture

US viewers seek Al Jazeera coverage

Despite obstacles impeding our progress, Al Jazeera continues to bring quality coverage from around the world.

US & Canada

The US is after our integrity

Al Jazeera's director-general says cables questioning the channel's independence must be challenged.


The Al Jazeera spirit

Wadah Khanfar, the network director-general, reflects on a decade of ground-breaking journalism and the values that continue to inform Al Jazeera's work as it expands into the future.