Vandana Shiva


India's food security act: Myths and reality

The reforms promoted by Prime Minister Singh do not go far enough to help food production and the hungry.


We don't need GM bananas for iron deficiency

Iron deficiency was not created by nature and we can get rid of it by becoming co-creators and co-producers with nature.


Seeds of suicide and slavery versus seeds of life and freedom

Contrary to its claims, Monsanto's monopoly on seeds in India are the root cause behind the sharp increase in suicides.

Humanitarian crises

Safety as freedom

The duty of a state that claims to be democratic is to guarantee safety and freedom to its "weakest citizens".


Violent economic 'reforms' and the growing violence against women

The Delhi gang rape victim has triggered a social revolution - we must sustain it, deepen it, expand it, notes author.


Myths about industrial agriculture

Organic farming is the "only way to produce food" without harming the planet and people's health.


Designing food systems to protect nature and get rid of hunger

Industrialisation of agriculture creates hunger and malnutrition, destroying the food web to which we all belong.


The great Rio U-turn

Most countries are moving backwards, environmentally speaking - though Ecuador and Bhutan are notable exceptions.


20 years after the Earth Summit: What does the future hold?

None of us are immune to climate change, or the effects it will have on the earth and our environment.


Beyond fossilised paradigms: Futureconomics of food

The economics of the future is based on people and biodiversity - not fossil fuels, toxic chemicals and monocultures.


The politics of science and democracy in India

Proposed legislation will rob citizens of their right to justice and biosafety and deregulate dangerous industries.


The seed emergency: The threat to food and democracy

Patenting seeds has led to a farming and food crisis - and huge profits for US biotechnology corporations.