Travis Lupick


Iraq war resisters fight to stay in Canada

Marked for deportation, as many as two dozen military deserters will likely face stiff penalties upon return to US.


First Nations seek to 'evict' energy companies

Indigenous people in Canada are emboldened by a court decision siding with tribe in land rights dispute.


'Fracking' one of Canada's 'greenest' provinces

Gas boom in British Columbia could result in an additional 73 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Latin America

Drug traffic fuels addiction in Sierra Leone

As the global narcotics trade expands in West Africa, it leaves a trail of addicts in its wake.

Science & Technology

Africa's digital election trackers

Inexpensive mobile phones and online maps are bringing new levels of transparency to elections across the continent.


Re-elected Sierra Leone leader promises jobs

Credited with rebuilding infrastructure after a civil war, Ernest Bai Koroma won in the first round of voting.


Ghosts of civil war haunt Sierra Leone polls

Groups accused of deploying child soldiers, mass rapes and other war crimes are running in Saturday's election.


Youths used as 'pawns' in Sierra Leone polls

With elections two weeks away, pro-government youths are accused of receiving money to harass political rivals.


Ivorian refugees in no rush to leave Liberia

A growing number of refugees are settling into the neighbouring country with violence at home discouraging their return.


Illegal logging endangers Liberia's forests

New report says officials and private companies have colluded to secure logging permits and cut down pristine forests.


Demolitions ravage Liberia neighbourhoods

Squatter areas in the West African state's capital are being levelled, destroying thousands of homes.

US & Canada

Liberia's long wait to turn on the lights

Only 0.58 per cent of Monrovia residents have access to public electricity, as African nation rebuilds after civil war.