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UN makes last stand on arms treaty

In the middle of an intense debate on gun control, the UN will meet in March aiming to finalise an arms trade treaty.

Business & Economy

Asian states are world's largest arms buyers

The top five arms importers are all Asian countries, with India the single largest recipient.

Business & Economy

One billionth tourist to arrive in 2012: UN

Tourist arrivals have increased from about 674 million in 2000 to 939 million in 2010 and 980 million in 2011, UN says.


Soviet-armed Iraq switches to US weapons

President Nouri al-Maliki has asked for billions of dollars worth of US weapons to bolster Iraq's armed forces.

US & Canada

Cape Verde recognised for economic leadership

Island state was the second African nation to "graduate" from the ranks of the world's least developed countries.


South-south cooperation revs up

Brazil has been using its growing strength to forge ties with other countries in the global south.

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World population to hit 7 billion by October

Growth is a 'challenge and an opportunity' UN says, as activists campaign for easier access to family planning tools.


Global private security industry booms

Some 20 million private operatives are deployed worldwide, twice the number of police officers, new survey says.


UN won't hide Sri Lanka war crimes report

Releasing a UN report probing war crimes against rebels could cause 'irreparable damage', Sri Lanka's government says.


Latin America increases military spending

Growing economies and political tensions led to a 5.8 per cent rise, outpacing North America, Africa and Asia.


UN: defining terrorism

The UN remains unable to draw a distinction between "freedom fighters" and "state sponsored terrorism".

Latin America

Poorest nations see a glint of hope

Despite the global financial crisis, three countries are set to shed the dubious status of being least developed.