Teresa Krug

US Elections 2016

US elections: Still undecided in Iowa

Despite numerous visits by candidates, many in crucial swing state struggle to make up their minds in the 11th hour.


Somali runners feel safest in years

Despite recent attack in Mogadishu, Somalia's runners are experiencing new freedoms since withdrawal of rebel forces.


Grieving for Somali Olympian Samia Omar

Al Jazeera's Teresa Krug on her friendship with the Somali sprinter who drowned trying to reach Italy.


Somali inspiration battles against the odds

Al Jazeera's Teresa Krug meets a young Somali Olympian battling to compete in London 2012.


Somalia’s difficult road to the Olympics

As the London Games edge closer, Somali athletes must overcome a devastating blow to their Olympic dreams.


Occupiers aim to impact Iowa caucuses

Occupy Iowa Caucus activists stage a week of protests to influence locals to take a greater part in their own democracy.


Occupiers take on the Iowa Caucuses

Protesters aim to bring their influence upon the electoral process.