Tarak Barkawi

Tarak Barkawi is associate professor in the Department of Politics, New School for Social Research. He earned his doctorate at the University of Minnesota and specialises in the study of war, armed forces and society with a focus on conflict between the West and the global South. He has written on colonial armies, "small wars" and imperial warfare, the Cold War in the Third World, and on counterinsurgency and the War on Terror. More generally, he is interested in the place of armed force in histories and theories of globalisation, modernisation and imperialism, especially from a postcolonial perspective.


Professor Petraeus and his protestors

General Petraeus and his student protesters at the City University of New York, confront the Vietnam Syndrome.


On the train to revolution

Avenues and actions for global economic reform are more likely to originate from the 'Global South' than the 'West'.


Homeland Politics: The ironic outcome of neoliberal globalisation

As public focus becomes insular across many post-industrial nations, it's time to imagine new norms in global politics.


Gassing the West in Syria

The latest posturing by Western countries shows both their hypocrisy and their powerlessness.

US & Canada

Espionage and hypocrisy

Is the NSA tapping the internet essential to keeping up with US rivals and enemies?


Why China won't be a better superpower: Believe in people, not states

People in the West ought to wake up and emulate the popular revolts of Brazil and Turkey, suggests Barkawi.


The 'war on terror' comes of age

The global "war on terror" will continue to define what is possible in politics at home and abroad.


Burying liberalism in the Homeland

Liberalism in the 1920s was strong enough to tolerate mass protests and respectful funerals for "terrorists".

Poverty & Development

The neoliberal assault on academia

The neoliberal sacking of the universities runs much deeper than tuition hikes and budget cuts, notes Barkawi.


Nuclear Orientalism

The North Korean bomb may be an uncomfortable fact of life, but so too is the US bomb, notes Barakawi.


The new politics of defence

Conservatives have lapsed in their support of the military - perhaps the centre-left should pick up the mantle.


Syria and the impotence of the West

The absence of an armed guarantor will make peace in Syria harder to achieve, writes Barkawi.