Tanya Goudsouzian


On the sidelines of Mosul, the battle for Kurdish culture

For the Kurdish intelligentsia, there is far more at stake than the loss of land.

Arts & Culture

Sulaimania: Saving the dream city of a Kurdish prince

Efforts are under way to salvage what remains of old Sulaimania, once a bastion of diversity and cosmopolitanism.

Battle for Mosul

The man who serves up little smiles in Iraq's refugee camp

A popsicle and a smile might not be a substitute for a psychologist, but it makes the conditions more bearable for IDP children.


Arab-Yazidi reconciliation begins in Iraq's IDP camps

In country torn apart by war, political settlements alone will not fix antagonism among ethnic and religious groups.

Battle for Mosul

'No effective effort' to fight ISIL's ideology

Threat of ISIL will live on even after they are pushed out of key territory, Iraqi Kurdish intelligence chief warns.

War & Conflict

For Iraq's Kurds, it's not about independence any more

Apathy and cynicism pervasive in Iraq's Kurdish region as an unending series of crises and scandals unfolds.


Kurdish war history preserved through art

A former Peshmerga fighter has swapped his rifle for a paintbrush as he relives battlefield memories.

Battle for Mosul

Money and patience grow short in Iraqi Kurdistan

As the battle for Mosul rages, in Sulaimania, there is a growing sense of despondency and apathy.

War & Conflict

KRG: Mosul victory depends on ISIL fighters' morale

Iraqi Kurdish Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir speaks to Al Jazeera about the battle for Mosul and post-ISIL plans.

Middle East

Hero Ibrahim Ahmad: Smear campaign or political crisis?

Iraqi Kurdish leader's wife is accused of trying to block oil exports, but some say she is being scapegoated by rivals.

Middle East

In Iraq, Kurdish children paint away their trauma

New charity helps Kurdish IDP children in Iraq process their war trauma through art.

War & Conflict

Why Syria's Kurds want federalism, and who opposes it

Analysis: The latest Syrian Kurdish move toward cementing autonomy comes as no surprise - but how far will it go?