Tanya Golash-Boza


Asian Americans: Myth and reality

Contrary to popular perception, discrimination against Asian Americans is alive and well in the US.

US & Canada

The problems with white allies and white privilege

The anti-racist struggle needs to move beyond ideas of white privilege and white allies, writes scholar.


Scientific racism rears its ugly head once again

Jason Richwine's dissertation is an example of scientific racism, and should never have been written.

US & Canada

Can the United States solve the problem of undocumented immigration?

Immigrants with criminal records who face deportation should have a recourse for appeal.


No human being is illegal: It's time to drop the 'i-word'

The term "illegal immigrant" dehumanises and criminalises people who are denied the opportunity to obtain authorisation.

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The key elements of a successful immigration policy

When writing immigration policy in the US, legislators should pay attention to international human rights standards.

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The collateral consequences of mass deportation

The US will continue to pay the high human costs of its mass deportation programme for years to come.


It is time to stop mass deportation

Mass deportation and detention is costly and inhumane and the US can save $3.4m a month for 1,000 detainees it releases.

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The US should release thousands, not hundreds of detainees

The government is releasing only hundreds - who represent a small fraction of the daily average detainee population.