Susan Abulhawa

Arts & Culture

The wonder of imperial feminism

Or how Wonder Woman turned from a hero to a war crimes supporter.


Women's flotilla to Gaza is more than mere symbolism

Their actions blur the boundaries of nation-states, race and class, shifting loyalties towards universal rights.


The Greatest was a black man who supported Palestinians

Muhammad Ali supported the Palestinian struggle against Israeli colonialism, including the annexation of Jerusalem.


What US elections should look like in a real democracy

Real change can only ever come from popular mass movements.

United States

Essay: Why I will not apologise for ISIL

How American exceptionalism, white privilege and lazy journalism make a nation impervious to the humanity of others.


Occupied words: On Israel's colonial narrative

Analysis: Palestinian novelist Susan Abulhawa deconstructs Israel's insidious language of power.


Magazine: Because we are not children of a lesser god

Right of Return: Three words around which the dignity and narrative of the Palestinians is wrapped and woven.


Palestine can be won in a street fight

The global street is where a defenceless oppressed indigenous people have a chance at justice.


Of negotiations and high treason: Israel-Palestine 'peace'

The corrupt PA is incapable of achieving the dignity of Palestinian self-determination, writes the author.


The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle

Stealing the voice of marginalised communities often leads to misrepresentation of their stories.


An attack on Syria won't protect civilians

A US military strike opens up the possibility of far greater bloodletting than what we have so far seen.

US & Canada

Trayvon Martin case a travesty of justice

George Zimmerman's acquittal was largely due to institutional racism in the United States, writes author.