Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou is a national security and foreign affairs journalist based in Toronto. He is an associate editor with The Islamic Monthly and a senior contributor on national security issues to CBC News online. His writings have appeared on Buzzfeed, Salon, Quartz, and the Globe and Mail, among other outlets. 


Provocateur vs racist: The bigotry double standard

In today's world people who are white, male, and right-wing can easily get away with racism and bigotry.


Canada's tragic legacy in Afghanistan

Canada's role in the Afghan debacle cannot be overshadowed by its identity as a peacemaking nation.


Canada's foreign policy: Business before human rights

The Canadian government has an inconsistent record of reacting to human rights abuses abroad.

US & Canada

Canada's Muslims: From detoxing radicalisation to citizenship

As long as Canadian Muslims fail to influence public opinion, the narrative of fear and suspicion will continue.


The Stephen Harper doctrine: With me or against me?

The Conservative Party is against segments of Canada's civil society that stand up for Palestinian rights.