Stephen S Roach

US & Canada

China's stability gambit

Given centuries of turmoil in China, today’s leaders will do everything in their power to preserve stability.

Business & Economy

Lessons from Asia: Austerity can work

The measures used to overcome the Asian financial crisis should not be overlooked by Europe.

Science & Technology

China's connectivity revolution

Increasing internet access in China can only accelerate the speed of its extraordinary development journey.

Business & Economy

Why India is riskier than China

China and to a lesser extent India are positioned to meet challenges resulting from the downturn in the world economy.

Business & Economy

Another Asian wake-up call

A drop in external demand means Asia must focus on its own 3.5bn consumers.

Business & Economy

America's other 87 deficits

Blaming China for big US trade deficits is misguided - instead, the United States should be looking squarely at itself.

Business & Economy

China's landing: Soft, not hard

If the government implements another 'strategic transition' focused on consumption, China's economy should rebound.

Business & Economy

One number says it all

With consumer confidence taking a dip, Americans will a feel ripple effect from the drop in spending.

Business & Economy

Read China's lips

China may soon be fed up with US fiscal intransigence and show it by halting the purchase of the dollar.

Business & Economy

A failed global recovery

Liquidity injections and bailouts serve only one purpose - to buy time. Yet time is not the answer.


Ten reasons why China is different

Despite a new wave of criticism regarding China's economy, it has fundamental strengths which cannot be ignored.

Business & Economy

How Asia copes with American zombie consumers

As consumption by US consumers decreases, Asian countries must look elsewhere to feed their export-led economies.