Stephan Richter

US & Canada

An opportunity missed in Latin America

The United States should abandon its policy of minimalism and address immediate concerns in Brazil and Mexico.

War & Conflict

Saudi Arabia and the US: More military misfires

The Saudi way of handling the crisis in Yemen shows they are following in the US' footsteps far too closely.

War & Conflict

Whitewashing Vietnam

Forty years after the Vietnam war ended, the US continues on the warpath with eyes wide shut.


Ukraine is more complicated than it sounds

Hawks may howl, but there is no appetite in the US for another foreign adventure in Ukraine.


The five deadly sins of US foreign policy

Is the US starting to resemble the Middle East?


NSA and Obama: Yes, We Can

Why is President Obama so permissive with regard to excesses of US intelligence apparatus?


What do Obama and Rouhani have in common?

The US and Iran resemble each other in stunning ways.


The US in Egypt: A fully hedged position

The US says it backs a democratic transition in Egypt, but it has also supported the country's military establishment.


Europe's Greece, America's Afghanistan

Each and every effort in the beleaguered nations will be wasted, unless their leaderships look past personal interests.