Stan Cox

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Localism? I don't buy it

Localist movements fail by treating a symptom of capitalism, the crippling of local communities, as if it's the disease.


Man-made natural disasters

Carrying on with ecologically suicidal economic policies will lead to more frequent and destructive disasters.

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Saving our queuemunity

A queue may reflect society at large, but does paying more money gives the right to jump the line?


Rationing water in a thirstier world

The world does not lack the knowledge about how to build a water-secure future - but "lacks the political will".


Let's not learn to love disaster

Although many thought Hurricane Sandy was a sufficient alarm, the West simply keeps pushing the snooze button.


There's a ration card in your future - and that's not all bad

There is a need to impose a strict and low ceiling on consumption of fossil fuels while ensuring fair access to them.


The hidden costs of overprescribing drugs

Pharmaceutical compounds are increasingly polluting the world's waterways, with dire consequences.

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From the republic of hunger to the land of plenty

With world grain production in jeopardy and rising food prices, countries need to bolster their food security.


Air-conditioning: The cold reality

Use of power-hungry appliances is skyrocketing in the developing world, and is a major factor of CO2 emissions.


How about a green recession?

Overproduction and overconsumption are major factors in the ecological crises the world faces today.

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Iraq's sagging safety net

In a country with huge potential oil wealth, food rationing and distribution is keeping much of the population alive.

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The politics of bread in Egypt

Flaws in the government-sponsored rationing programme are redolent of the country's food security problems.