Srecko Horvat


Europe's soft dictatorship

Hungary's increasingly extreme reaction to the EU migrant crisis is stoking fears of an emerging dictatorship.


Did he or did he not give Germany the finger?

Greek finance minister's gesture was taken out of context but the finger was pointed in the right direction.


Greece and the temptation of Syriza

After victory comes hard work.


Where are we 25 years after 'the end of history'?

Does Francis Fukuyama's idea that 'liberal democracy' has triumphed still hold true?


The return of the left in Europe?

The rise of the far right in Europe is undeniable, but is the left really dead?


Why are the Balkans boiling again?

The Bosnian protests reflect socio-political dynamics that are going on not only in the Balkans but the whole of Europe.


It's the libidinal economy, stupid!

The box-office hit "The Wolf of Wall Street" is more than just a film about the irrationalities of the financial elites.