Sousan Hammad


Q&A: Eyal Sivan speaks to Al Jazeera

Israeli-born documentary maker is no stranger to criticism, having his film 'Route 181' banned in France.


Israel's falafel food fight

A project examining the 'Israelisation' of falafel raises some questions about the boycott movement.

Arts & Culture

Autumn in Kashmir

Actor-turned-director Aamir Bashir discusses his film about the plight of the Kashmiri people.

Arts & Culture

A culture of exchange or elitism?

A look at whether the dominance of the English language undermines Arab cultural initiatives.


Palestine 'paying for occupation'

Palestinian economy has no future under occupation, former UN development expert says.


'Israel has to be held accountable'

What is behind the postponement of a UN vote on the report into Israel's war on Gaza?

Arts & Culture

Interview: Palestinian cinema

Filmmaker Scandar Copti says cinema can help Palestinians construct their own history.