Showkat Shafi

Showkat Shafi is a digital journalist specialising in photojournalism  for Al Jazeera. He has worked extensively in the Indian subcontinent and has also covered the refugee crisis in Europe. His stories mostly focus on human rights, culture and religion.


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Human Rights

What this picture means to me: Widows celebrating Holi

India's widows have traditionally been prevented from celebrating Holi, but while this is changing, rejection remains.


Nationalist group ABVP accused of Delhi campus violence

Far-right student group linked to Modi's party, accused of assaulting students on Delhi University campus.


100 days of demonetisation: Stories of hardship

From people who lost jobs, to people who lost loved ones - seven stories that reveal the impact of demonetisation.

Poverty & Development

In the name of Ram: Tattoos in India's Dalit community

After being denied access to temples, some Dalits began tattooing the name of the Hindu god Ram on their face and body.

Human Rights

India activists seek justice for wrongful convictions

People's Tribunal calls for compensation for people wrongfully convicted and for accountability for erring officials.

Business & Economy

Demonetisation in India: 'How do I feed my family now?'

The government's decision to demonetise currency has hit India's poor, day-wage earners particularly hard.

US Elections 2016

As America votes, a voice from India

"He has praised India and Hinduism .... But he has no idea about world politics."

Poverty & Development

The chai walas of India

After photographs of a Pakistani tea seller went viral, Indian tea sellers share their stories - and their dreams.

Poverty & Development

India: The children left behind by an ancient custom

How a centuries-old custom that allows men to pay to live with women is resulting in children being abandoned.


India: Street kids publish newspaper to raise awareness

Balaknama newspaper, run and produced by street children in Delhi, tells stories of injustice kids suffer daily.

Human Rights

Kashmiri doctors lament injuries by pellets in protests

Doctors say Indian security forces deliberately use rubber pellets to inflict maximum damage on Kashmiri protesters.


A day in Delhi's under-the-bridge school for the poor

Beneath a Delhi metro bridge, the children of daily wage labourers and migrant workers dream of a brighter future.