Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is an elected member of India's parliament and chairs its Foreign Affairs Committee.

He is the prize-winning author of sixteen books, including, most recently, Inglorious Empire: What the British Did To India.


The need for a museum on British colonisation of India

The decolonisation of the mind is among the greatest challenges today's Indians have to face.

Business & Economy

India embraces the Welfare State

Legislative endeavours by the government may have wide popular appeal, but skepticism suggests politics are at play.


India's democratic tempest

Results of India's state assembly polls confounded pollsters, surprised pundits and shook the political establishment.


Burmese days

As the US and China rush to take advantage of Myanmar's new openness, India plays a quieter role supporting democracy.


New India, old Europe

India was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the ECC, the predecessor to today's EU.


India's nuclear path

Manmohan Singh may snub Australia over a refusal to sell uranium to the south Asian nation.


India's functioning anarchy

Despite British-style parliamentary procedures, Indian parliament ferquently dissolves into chaos and farce.


Is Afghanistan ready?

India, which has key interests in the war ravaged nation, doesn't believe Afghanistan is ready for US troops to leave.


India gives

In the recent India-Africa summit in Ethiopia, India emerged as a source rather than a recipient of foreign aid.


Obama dismayed as India rejects arms deal

India's recent decision not to buy $10bn worth of US warplanes has irritated some politicians and the defence industry.